Grit and Grace

Lift hard and live well both in and out of the gym.


You know you need to be training hard but you’re feeling exhausted, a little confused, and can’t seem to hit PRs like you used to.

This used to be your jam. You loved it. The grit, the sweat,

the burn—all of it.

And now you’re starting to wonder if maybe you’re missing something.

How can you be working so hard and still feeling like it’s not working?

When given the choice, you’ll always push harder.

You know that’s where the magic happens and if you just keep pushing harder, it’ll finally all start to pay off.


But… it hasn’t yet.

And maybe you’re a little embarrassed and frustrated.

Rest assured,what you’re feeling is normal.

How could your life be different if your time in the gym wasn’t so all-consuming?

If you didn’t have to scour the internet for random programming to figure out what to do and then wonder if it’s even going to be what you need.

If you didn’t secretly hate your body so much that you use the gym to hope no one notices and pray you start to feel better about your body some day soon.


Your training program was so smart that it allowed you to sleep in, take a day off, have some wine and cheese, and not loose progress while actually making progress?

This is exactly what we do inside Grit and Grace.

Grit and Grace is a semi-individualised strength and conditioning program specifically for women who want feel athletic and be strong, but ...

... they more often than not love to push too hard in the gym and are realising they don’t have much to show for it anymore.

The PR’s are fewer and farther between.

You might be battling aches and pains from pushing so hard for so long.

You’re afraid to pull back—you’re not even quite sure how to do that.

You’re stuck between 'all' or 'nothing' and you know you always choose 'all'.

But you’re starting to wonder: is this really the best approach?

What does it mean if it’s not working for me anymore?

There has to be a better way, right?

There is.

Grit and Grace is a progressive training program designed for women who need more from their training other than just heavier weights, more intensity, and more time.

In fact, that’s exactly why you feel the way you do. All you’ve known to do is push harder, lift more, move faster.

All of the progress you’re looking for is hiding behind the things you’re afraid to do or don’t yet know how to do yet.


  • Is a female-specific semi-individualised program. You learn to work with your unique physiology to get the most out of the effort you're putting in.

  • Teaches what to do (and what not to do) if you’ve had less than optimal sleep, you’re short on time or you've got your period so it doesn't have to be all or nothing.

  • You have a coach in your corner so that you know your form is on point and you get the right nudges to push harder or pull back when you're not sure. You get customised feedback so you're always moving forward. You might be used to having a coach inside the gym but now you have something who has your back outside of the gym—which is where you spend most of your time.

  • Provides you with all the hows, whens, whats, whys of your training program on a macro and micro level. You get detailed training block break downs and daily training notes so that you know the intention behind everything you're doing.

  • You are part of a collective for extra accountability and community, but you're being seen as an individual.

  • Offers a supportive community of women who get it. There's a common goal to make performance gains in the gym but without sacrificing your mental and physical well being.

  • Helps you move from frustration to trust and finally be able to understand what it means to listen to your body through continuing education on training, mindset and nutrition thorugh Facebook lives and tonnes of resources readily available to you.

  • Will never leave you feeling behind if you have to skip a day. It will never feel harder than it has to be.

  • Has you crushing strength PRs, while getting fitter and more mobile.
  • Helps you free up more headspace to focus on the stuff outside of the gym rather than always thinking about your body and your workouts.


  • Be training more intuitively by honoring your energy with your unique cycle while making gains.

  • Know exactly what to do from the minute you get into the gym to when you leave. You’ll save so much time and energy because you won’t have to think twice about it anymore.

  • Have an exact plan of what to do if you’re not feeling well and won’t have to battle with guilt and shame around taking it slow or taking a day off.

  • Know when your body is telling you to push hard or to pull back so that you can finally make consistent progress in the gym again.

  • Have a life outside of the gym that doesn’t revolve around you agonising over what your body looks like or how it performs.

  • Be the inspiration to other women in the gym because of the way you lift and the ease and confidence you have in what you’re doing.

  • Have a solid understanding of how strength training and conditioning can complement one another in a way that’s going to leave you feeling energised, not exhausted.


There are two tracks Grit and Grace you can choose from!


Grit and Grace Hybrid is for highly committed women who are invested in their workouts and who are looking for more customisation, accountability, support and individual touchpoints with me as their coach. If you’re a good fit for the Hybrid program, I will let you know ASAP. You’ll have 24 hours to secure your spot. These places are limited.

This is a good fit for you if:

→ you've got injuries or niggles that might require some program individualisation

→ you're sick of the way you think about your body holding you back from making real progress in the gym (you tend to favour harder over smarter)

→ your schedule is often erratic and you have a hard time making your workouts fit into it

→ you want more 1:1 coaching around how to manage your energy, cycle, lifestyle, nutrition with your training

→ you tend to always want to do more and need to be talked off the ledge


Grit and Grace group is for women who take their training seriously and want more out of their training, but don't need the extra 1:1 accountability as well as the group. Spaces for this are not limited.

This is a good fit for you if:

→ you can easily hold yourself accountable

→ you know how to modfiy your workouts if you're not feeling 100%, you have to cut it short, you experience injuries or niggles

→ you need structure and to be told what to do and how to do it

→ you've got a good handle on your training and don't need extra 1:1 support


  • Your programming is delivered via True Coach, an easy-to-use app where you can record all your results and see your progress.

  • Programming that's tried and tested. It's strength and conditioning that's built on a variety of functional bodybuiling, powerlifting and CrossFit methodologies (does not include high level gymnastics).

  • Optional training tracks that you can choose to include, like progressive aerobic training and Olympic lifting.

  • Warm ups, cool downs and mobility that are actually helpful so that you are getting what you want and what you need.

  • Access to a full video library and training notes so that you can walk into the gym with complete confidence in what you're doing each day.

  • Access to the Grit and Grace Facebook group where all the coaching happens. You'll recieve customised feedback and form checks so you know you're always on point with how you're lifting.

  • A supportive community and support system where you’ll be with other like-minded women and never feel alone on days you have a body body image day or motivation wanes (which it will).

  • Education through weekly videos, guest speakers and loads of resources on training, mindset and nutrition so you can continue to expand your knowledge in all areas and don't have to waste your time sifting through all the noise on social media for things like 'should I be breathing through my mouth or nose when I workout?', 'What should I do if I have shoulder pain?', 'How do I adjust my training when I have my period?'.

  • Full access to Grit and Grace Out Of Gym if you're out of the gym due to COVID. You have options for no equipment or some. It's the same solid programming and will have you still making progress.

  • Grit and Grace is a membership program. There's a 5-6 month minimum commitment, then you can decide to continue or cancel. The programming builds in blocks and phases—you'll definitely want to stick around!

  • Free access to any courses that are created.

Hey, I’m Olivia, I’m a female health and performance coach—your coach.

And I, like you, love to workout. I love to work hard, see progress, get sweaty and breathe hard. But after years and years of anything less than this I reached a point where I couldn’t do it anymore. I was obsessed with exercise and my body and believed more was better.

Until I realised better is better.

After years as a competitive athlete from competing in bodybuilding to earning the title of the Reebok CrossFit Games Fittest Woman in Taiwan there have been many dark days figuring out what is best for me and my body: knowing I was doing too much, but also petrified to do anything less because of how my body could change—would I look less fit if I did less?

I lived under the guise of ‘health’ and ‘performance’ but was obsessed with keeping my body in check and expereinced a host of hormonal dysfunction because of it. It was exhausting.

I wanted to be able to listen to my body but I didn’t know how to

actually do that.

Until I learned to train smarter.

I learnt that intention is everything and sweat does not mean a workout was good. I learnt that there was a lot between 0—100% and the messy middle is a productive place to be.

Through my own experiences and the hundreds of women I’ve worked with this is what I know to be true: life is like training and training is like life.

It’s grit and it’s grace.


  • You work hard in the gym and love it but when you’re really honest with yourself, you know it’s not really working anymore.

  • You make a lot of educated guesses about your training but you're not sure if they're that educated.

  • You're finding that all the time you spend thinking about working out and your body is taking you away from your life that needs you outside of the gym.

  • You’re happy training on your own—it's your ‘me’ time—but you’re also keen to be part of a community.

  • You want to accept your body. You *get* body acceptance but wonder if you’ll ever get to a place where you feel comfortable in your skin.

  • You feel like you should just know what to do—you’re been a regular gym goer for ages—but you’re ready for accountability and guidance, someone else to do the thinking for you. But you don’t know who to trust—you're weary of the online fitness space.

  • You've done online programs before and you hated that you felt behind if you missed a day or week.
  • When you're left to your own devices you'll do extra workouts to make up for missed days and always choose the hardest workouts even on days you feel rubbish.

  • You’re interested in training in a way that honours your body, but you like to train hard—you wonder how the two can exist without it being all or nothing.

  • You don’t know what to do if you can’t get to the gym or how to keep progressing when stuff comes up like travel, getting sick, bad PMS days—life.

If you don’t want another 6 months to pass before you start to make progress in the gym and have a life you love outside of it, then Grit and Grace is the place to be.



What equipment do I need?

It will make things easier if you have a gym that has barbells, dumbbells, cable machine, kettlebells and a rower or Assault bike. But there are resources within the platform that guide you on how to substitute exercises.

What if I don’t like it—can I get a refund?

You just need to give me 4 weeks notice and then your subscription can be cancelled. You and I can chat about how things are feeling and troubleshoot if need be! But new things are also hard! Give yourself the opportunity to see if it is for you and if not, you can cancel.

What happens after the 5 month commitment is up?

I have no doubt you’ll want to continue, but if you don’t no sweat! If you stay in the program the monthly payments roll on, you don’t need to do a thing but continue to get gains.

How much time do I need to commit each week?

Each workout is 60 mins but there are options to modify if you are short on time. There are four days of lifting with shorter conditioning pieces with an optional enduring conditioning day. Any webinar or FB live that is done you will have access to watch/ listen to when it suits you.

I’m new to weight training, is this still for me?

This is not a program for beginners but if you have had at least a few months experience weight training you will be grand.

I’m a trainer and I know how to workout. Is this for me?

Absolutely. Many of the women inside GG trainers who are tired of letting their own health and performance slide because they've been so focussed on their clients. You also need someone to hold space for you, program for you to clear up space for your own business.

Does the program change after 5 months?

The program is ongoing. It is built in micro, macro, meso cycles, meaning every training block builds on one another.

What if I get sick or have to skip a day?

Not a problem. Just make a note in True Coach and move on. You are not expected to make every single workout. You are a human with a life outside of the gym.

What if I’m worried about my form?

That's what I am here for! You can upload videos for me to check in your online portal and recieve individualised feedback.

I’ve done other virtual programs before, how is this different/better?

You have a coach! A real human on the other end. I keep the numbers small inside GG because it is semi-individualised. You're not part of the massess.

Secondly, most programs have you doing intense exercise for 8-12 weeks then you’re left wondering what to do. Because G&G is built as a progressive program, there’s no rush. You learn to adjust your workouts each day depending on how you’re feeling (life stress, menstrual cycle, etc) so you’re making steady, consistent progress rather than it being all then nothing.


'The biggest change is my sense of self love and ability to listen to my body and soul. I think before I believed that if I wanted to like my body, I had to force into doing what I told it to do no matter what. I thought it was about pushing through. Back then exercise was a thing that I had to do to be fit. Now fitness and strength is just who I am. When I am having a hard day I know how to listen to my body and do a workout that suits what I need. Exercise is now the thing that lifts my day and my mood and it's fully integrated into my life. I love and trust my body and as woman over 40 I know that's not a common feeling. But it could be!!'


'What I love about Olivia is that she is focused on the underlying reasons for my behavior. This focus has helped me be honest with myself and will lead to long term behavior changes and not short term fixes. I also love that she emphasizes education. She gives a lot of information about why she is asking me to do or try something. Olivia is all about empowering WOMEN and I love that she is only focused on women and women's health. She is really willing to work WITH me and I feel like my interactions with her are very personal. As a result of our work together, I have been inspired to take all aspects of my health more seriously, not just the physical/exercise component. I am starting to understand how all the parts of my life integrate and influence each other (stress, sleep, nutrition). I am becoming more comfortable with who I am and appreciating what is RIGHT with me rather than feeling like I am in deficit mode all the time.'


'I was skeptical about getting a remote coach because I could not see how that could work and how I was to be held accountable from a distance. Now, I can see that remote coaching actually works for me because with in-person coaching, I'll only see my coach when I have a session with them. But this way, I can receive guidance throughout the week and I have more freedom in terms of my workout times ... I need structure in my life, and Olivia helps me to build that structure and guides me through my challenges so I am not giving up at every setback ... I feel more grounded and stronger in mind and body so I now have more confidence to tackle things that used to cause me anxiety. It has also helped me open myself up to loving and caring for myself. Of course, I also feel stronger and more badass with all the muscles that are slowly becoming more prominent.'


'Olivia’s words, presence and support make it about overall wellness, not just body composition ... I have noticed that when I’m adjusting machines or adding, taking off weight I rarely am thinking about if others are watching me. I’m thinking about what I can do. This is HUGE for me. I used to feel so on display at the gym, and so embarrassed of what I didn’t know. I am also more aware of things I’m learning from Olivia in everyday life, like when I’m playing with my kids, carrying groceries, getting up from the floor etc. I’m adding intentional movement in my life all the time. And I’m stronger! I can do a few push-ups for the first time ever!'


'{the program}gives me the road map of the training I don’t have to think what I should do it or how I should train today I just open true coach and do what the app said today so the whole process felt more easy . Also every move has alternative if I can’t do the main one so I am not stuck in the training if I can’t do anything.'


'I've been loving being in the gym! I was so nervous at first, but every time I go I get a little bit more confident & I love that! I never imagined myself using a barbell at a gym! It's also cool knowing that there are other people working through this program, doing the same exercises I'm doing. Even though I workout alone, I feel like I'm accountable to the tribe! ... I loved the repetition in the first three months. Having the same workouts each week really helped with my confidence in the gym, and made it very helpful and easy to see my progress in regards to specific exercises'


'There were many times I viewed the daily workout before entering the gym and thought: "no I'm not able to do that!!" (well, conditioning usually) but then I always crushed it in the gym without noticing!'


'The programme has been flexible enough to cater for changing ability and alongside some new triathlon focussed goals. That’s been awesome.'


'Olivia was so supportive and positive throughout. She did not make me feel like I failed, if I skipped a day (or two or three). She was a great role model and knew how and when to turn up the pressure or compassion, whatever was needed for the occasion ...I have upper body strength for the first time and I feel strong.'


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