The Bold Collective: Out Of Gym Edition

Before COVID-19 you rarely skipped a training session, class or workout. You were generally always eager to move your body with intention and intensity. Now, motivation is low. Everything feels clunky. Heavier. Weirder. Training at home is hard.

You’re worried about how this will affect your training once your gym reopens. Will you have lost your strength? Will all your hard work up until this point have gone to waste?

The free at-home WODs from random CrossFit gyms on Instagram did the trick at first—maybe. I mean, they were fun for a while. They got your heart pumping and you could trust them to work up a sweat but now you’re left wondering if all these air squats and burpees are actually helping you long term (because you realise this could go on for longer than you thought).

Hint: they’re not.

My clients (and me!) were wondering the same thing a few weeks ago: are we going to lose everything we’ve worked so hard for? Are we going to have to start all over again once this is over?

The answer is no. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Enter: The Bold Collective: Out of Gym Edition.

I created this program for one reason: to keep humans that love to lift moving with purpose, intention and intensity at home so your return to the weight rooms will be smooth, enjoyable and with as much strength, fitness and mobility intact as possible.

If you’ve been asking yourself:

‘How long will it take to rebuild my deadlift after this is over?’

‘Will I ever get my pull ups back?’

‘What if I lose my ability to squat properly?’

‘Did I really work this hard to lose it all?’

This home edition training program will put your mind at ease and your body to work in the ways you love and crave. You can rest assured your time spent working out at home will be an effective and productive use of your time in quarantine.

TBC: Out of Gym Edition is for you if:

  • You know you do best when you’re not making it up on your own as you go.

  • You understand that following free random workouts on IG are not helpful.

  • You don’t need a tonne of hand-holding, but rather a solid action-plan for how to best spend your time training at home.

  • You’re overwhelmed from deciding what and how to train each day, you want this part of your day taken off your plate so you can focus your energy on more important things while still pursuing your strength and fitness goals.

TBC Out of Gym Edition gives you one less thing to try and figure out for yourself. Let’s face it, you have enough to think about each day.

Your training doesn’t have to be on pause. It will look different, sure—but you don’t have to lose your hard-earned strength and fitness.

You can still make progress. TBC is here to keep you on that path moving forward!


  • An at-home training program that lasts as long as you are out of the gym so that your remaining time training while in quarantine is guided, intentional, and useful. It’s a thoughtful program that supports your body through balancing movement patterns and just the right mix of huffy puffy and strength.

  • 3-5 workouts per week (you chose) so you know you’ve got your bases covered.

  • Each workout is 45 minutes or less so that you can train with intention then get on with your day. No more second guessing what you’re doing.

  • Each workout has a specific focus on strength, conditioning, movement patterns and mobility. You progress week to week.

  • Support and accountability from me so that when training at home feels hard you know someone’s got your back. I help you make it make sense for your environment.

  • Different options for each exercise to accommodate for what equipment you have available so that you’re able to always progress, which means that you’ll get back to the gym without feeling like you’ve lost everything.

  • Access to the private Facebook group which includes access to live virtual training sessions for extra accountability, motivation, and community so that you’re not feeling alone.

  • You’ll also have access to all the client-only resources in the app, which is loaded with helpful tools and resources to help you not only crush your training but your nutrition and mindset, too.


  • 3 strength focus training days built on movement patterns (lower and upper pushing and pulling), a mix of bodybuilding and powerlifting.

  • 2 cardio focussed days so you’re still building your engine without thinking burpees are the only way forward.

  • Demo videos for every exercise.

  • Optional recovery day because although you’re training at home, recovery to get proper adaptation and manage stress is imperative.

  • Each Sunday you’re delivered lifestyle and mindset tips and reflections to consider the week been and reflect on the week ahead.

Each workout is about 45 minutes in length, so you can get in, get it done, and get on with your life.

Since this is the Out of Gym edition, there are options available inside each workout to accommodate your equipment or lack thereof: no equipment options, just bands, or low equipment.

All TBC Out of Gym members will have an exclusive option to transition into The Bold Collective main programming once your gym reopens.